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Update history listing:

Date: Event:
October 15, 2000 First trial of this site! A bit tricky to get everything to work...
October 20, 2000 Fixed a few link bugs & added some pics to the gallery
October 25, 2000 Cleaned up the start page & added flags for Swedish/English, added keywords & other metatags
October 25, 2000 Applied for membership in the Blacksmith´s Ring!
October 26, 2000 Became a ring member & added ring code
November 27, 2000 Invisible counter & statistics added....
December 23, 2000 Added a"home" link on each page due to many search hits directly to one frame
January 8th, 2002 Finally! Got around to start a series of updates. Today a couple of "how-to":s were added under Tech Stuff (Tekniktips), a link update and some minor fixes. New pics for the gallery are under way.
January 20th, 2002 Added new symbol descriptions and an extensive page about runes and their meaning + did some link updates.
March 4th, 2002 Updated the gallery + divided into two pages, updated Beställning in Swedish part
March 5th, 2002 Added a Swedish link + added litterature lists, both English and Swedish
January 19th, 2003 Long time since the last update.... Added more pics in the gallery and updated Symbols, The Forge plus a number of other minor fixes.